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About Us

Who we are?

Staycation Leisure Tourism was created in 2020, located in the Airport Road Dubai. Since its inception, Staycation Leisure Tourism has worked with a wide range of requests. Our customers rely on our proven quality and suitable prices. We offer excellent service and hope to satisfy anything you need.

The two owners of Staycation Leisure Tourism both live in Dubai UAE. When they met each other and started sharing ideas about the tourist industry, how it is currently conducted, how that could be improved, how Sustainable Tourism should play a key role in there.

It was quickly decided they should work together and bring Staycation Leisure Tourism to the next level.

What do we do?

Staycation Leisure Tourism offers a full range of quality tours around the world including the UAE. Staycation Leisure Tourism has its Vehicles for Transfers, Desert Safari & City Tours.

Staycation Leisure Tourism offers reliable and punctual reservations with accurate and affordable prices. It’s all based on our performance for the tours we operate ourselves and on the careful selection of local tour operators. Ensuring that they are reliable and have an immaculate reputation.

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  • Hotel Booking
  • Visa Assistance
  • Travel Insurance

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission statements

Provide a unique travel experience for everybody in a sustainable, honest, and transparent way.

Our vision statements

It is our vision that in 2020 we want to be a leading example of a tour operator demonstrating sustainable tourism in the UAE. We want to grow by offering more and a wider range of unique tours, develop travel & tour operators, and expand our visibility on the web.

Our values

Whether you come into contact with us as a customer or as a supplier, what can you expect from us in terms of attitude and behavior? What characterizes Staycation Leisure Tourism? The following core values apply:

Staycation Leisure Tourism works with honest employees, with honest, fair, and competitive market prices. We strive to demonstrate honest behavior towards our environment (clients, suppliers, and other parties with who we conduct business).
Staycation Leisure Tourism strives to be clear in our products, services, and processes. Be transparent to our direct environment.
Clients come in the first place; Staycation Leisure Tourism strives for an optimal service level to get the client's best value for his tour. To achieve this, we look for the best people and operators involved in our business and we design our services and products in the best way.
Staycation Leisure Tourism likes to give tailor-made advice as every person is different with different wishes. It means personal commitment, aimed at establishing a temporary, personal bond that enables us to help you to get the best value for your tour. It also means a friendly service with a smile, with some humor.
Staycation Leisure Tourism sustainably conducts business. We also take into account the interest of the local people, preserve the cultural heritage, take care of our environment, and focusing economically on long-term results and fair economic fair practices.
We take our business very seriously. It means our behavior is correct, objective, balanced, efficient, and reliable. We are down to earth in the way we conduct business.

Some goodreasons

Why to choose Us?

Quality Services

Everybody wants to travel without worries, without problems. To achieve this, Staycation Leisure Tourism has a strong focus on quality. You can expect excellent service from us. We work with operators with an outstanding track record. Our clients acknowledge us as being very reliable and you can expect that we will respond very quickly to every request. As every client is different, we will be flexible and try to make every tour precisely adjusted to your special wishes.

A Real Experience

Staycation Leisure Tourism wants to give its clients a real experience. Because that is what traveling is all about. We do this by offering innovative products. We do not necessarily do the same as what other travel agencies do. Our City Tour a good example of this. We like to focus on our tours more on culture & history

Great Guides

The tour guide plays a very large role in the success of your tour. Therefore, we select the best bilingual guides with extended knowledge. Of course, you can expect professional behavior from our guides.

Sustainable Tourism

We are approaching for a socially fair and inclusive, culturally preservation and respectfully, as well as an ecologically balanced and harmless tourism, which enhances as much as possible local economic development and impacts.

Excellent Tour Offer

Staycation Leisure Tourism wants to offer a well-selected menu of tours and packages. We center on a complete offer of touristic options in the United Arab Emirates. And we like to offer a different type of experience so there is for everybody something to choose from.